April Mini Goals

2018 Get Results from Fertility Clinic, make a plan for next steps Host a Donor party, pick a donor Budget, save for IUI  (May Goal) See Psychologist every week Follow up with Doctor regarding mental health Go to work every weekday of April Meet new people Blog your feelings. Walk dog nightly Go to the […]

Create a Bucket List

I’ve often questioned what my bucket list would be if I made one. I see them on blogs and listen when people say “it’s on my bucket list”.  I just do things as I want them.  When I look at other bucket lists, the stuff I want to do is done OR i dont really […]

What to Watch?

I am Netflix binger.  I need a new show.  Any suggestions? I like horror and sci-fi, comedy, sometimes romance… I guess drama too. I dont like war movies. I have seen plenty. The 100 – Fuller House – Stranger Things – The Fosters – The OA – Shadow Hunters – The Mist – The Ranch […]

Kijiji Ad

I had posted an ad a couple days ago.  Most people were so kind in their responses. Im really having a difficult time. I get so mad at myself bcuz my is pretty good. i have good job a home family and friends who love me. but i dont have a family. that was the […]

Bored but Lazy

I’m bored. But I don’t want to to get dressed or brush my hair. It would be so nice to have a bf so I could just Netflix and chill all day with someone ♥️ Still nothing from my ex. Which I should be fine with….but ugh. I’m talking to a new man who is […]

What would you do

If you had a billion dollars? #Raj #BBT Idk what I’d do. That kind of money is completely out of my rhealm of thinking. I’d love to buy a house for mom and I. She always talks about the “InLaw Suites” in the back yard. I’d love to travel the world. I’d have my family […]

#IMMreview : Roseanne

I liked Roseanne back in the day but it wasn’t necessarily a favorite. I just watched the new Roseanne, loved it! Aunt Jackies first appearance lmao Prayers with #makeamericagreatagain “I can’t help it that I’m charasmatic that is always right” #Roseanne I love that they are “old school”. “Tag me in, no.” #Roseanne I love […]